Humanity is in grave danger.
Can a youth uprising save it?

Humanity is in grave danger.
Can a youth uprising save it?

Alien intruders besiege Earth, unleashing a devastating weapon that renders every human unconscious except for, mysteriously, a disparate group of high schoolers. Against all odds, these ragtag teenagers embark on a high stakes race to thwart the otherworldly captors and free humankind before it’s too late.

Black Stone Rising is a science fiction thriller that captures the imaginations of all ages. By setting aside differences, working together and setting a bold plan in motion, our younger generation may just have a chance at saving their species.

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Our Graphic Novel

Black Stone Rising Graphic Novel

Hello Rising Readers!

Welcome to our site for Black Stone Rising, a new all-ages graphic novel by Small Fry Comics. We have a whale of a story in store for you that is filled with crazy creatures, laser battles, sneaky espionage and pulse-racing suspense!

I’m a first-time comic writer but longtime enthusiast who still remembers fast-walking to the nearby 7-11 for comic books back in 1984 with two dollars burning a hole in my pocket. I couldn’t wait to grab the next issue of Daredevil, Secret Wars, X-men, Powerman & Iron Fist and whatever else I could afford.

Now, I have two kids of my own who both love to read. Several of the modern comics and graphic novels titles we have been enjoying together have inspired me to write a kids’ story for publication. And that, friends, is how Black Stone Rising was borne.

I am grateful to have connected with Tom Martin, who is an amazing artist and shares my love of old-school Jack Kirby art. His brilliant art and sequencing throughout this book have thrust my excitement for this project into hyperdrive!

I also want to thank our talented colorist Brittany Peer, who has delivered even more depth and distinction to Tom’s inks, as well as my old friend Eli Libson, who contributed many of the initial character ideas, creature concepts and overall encouragement that got this off the ground in the first place.

Black Stone Rising is on track to publish in 2018. In the meantime, we are looking to connect with readers, retailers and other comic friends who can help us get this off the ground with a FWOOOOSSSHHH!

Drop us a line. We’d love to meet you!


By day, he’s a mild-mannered corporate communications and marketing professional. By night, he’s an untamed creative writing enthusiast who enjoys penning song lyrics and stories. He loves old-school 80s superheroes, as well as the dynamic new-school genre of all-ages comic and graphic novel titles. Dan lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two kids.
Fighting out of Massachusetts, Tom graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art and now just bums around drawing stuff with one hand and petting the dog with the other. When not creating art he’s making music for thrash metal band Lich King or creating short stories, but most likely he’s just wasting his time playing video games.
Brittany is a comic colorist based in Atlanta. She has worked on IDW’s TMNT miniseries Casey&April and TikiGod Comics’s Ellie Moonbeard as well as being featured in various anthologies including Ladies’ Night Volume 3: How to Magic. Her free time is spent playing with her cat and watching cartoons.



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We are planning an aggressive marketing campaign over the coming months which includes cross-promoting participating retailers.  Drop us a line to learn more, and we’ll send you a sample #1 issue.

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